> Important fuel consumption reduction
> High performance at low RPM
> Low purchase price
> Simple and reliable components

The OPTIVALVE IITM is a high performance hydraulic control valve developed for combination plow spreader trucks equipped with load-sensing (LS) piston pumps. The integration of (LS) and pressure compensated components allows for an 80% parts count reduction (lowering maintenance costs). Multiple configurations are possible with different modules for hoist and plow functions. Significant fuel savings are achieved using flow on demand technology.

Technical specifications
System Type

Load-sensing (requires LS piston pump)

Standby pressure

250-300 PSI

Maximum work pressure

3000 PSI

Spreader Flow Rate

0-70 L/min (0-15 GPM)

Hoist Valve Flow Rate

Proportional 0-115 L/min (0-32 GPM)

Number of Hoist Valves

0-2 (VD10)

Plow Valve Flow Rates

Proportional 0-50 L/min (0-14 GPM)

Number of Plow Valves

0-8 (VD6)

Valve Configurations

Single or double acting

Solenoid Current

42 watts at 12VDC


2 x DIN 43650/ ISO 4400

PWM signal

100-400 Hz

Manual overrides

All functions

Hybrid LS Hydraulics

Improve overall fuel efficiency by 10-15% over fixed-flow hydraulic systems without the cost of a full LS system.

  • Full LS mode for continuous spreader functions
  • Pressure compensated mode
Mono-bloc Design

Simplified installation, increased reliability and ease of maintenance.

  • Lighter weight
  • Compact size
  • Fewer hoses and fittings
Lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Purchase : Same as tandem gear pump systems
  • Operating : Lowest (fuel savings)
  • Maintenance: Lowest
High performance
  • Precise and repeatable proportional operation (single and combined functions)
  • High flow rates at low engine RPM prevent spreader stalls

1 Year